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Outcome goals, Process goals: Working towards more sustainable resolutions

A systematic way to getting better every day

We’re now a few weeks into the new year and it’s about the time when resolutions begin to wear off or be forgotten.

Do you remember the resolutions that you set a few weeks ago?

In recent years, after seeing numerous NY resolutions fall by the wayside, I’ve begun to move from a focus on outcome goals, to a focus on process goals.

Outcome goals are focussed on the final end point. They could be things like, ‘Read 12 books this year’ or ‘Run 2400km over 2024’. Outcome goals can be great because they’re inspiring, big, and can give a real sense of achievement when completed.

Process goals are focussed on the steps to make it to that final point. They could be things like, ‘Read for 15 minutes every day’, or ‘Put on my running shoes and step outside the house by 8am every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday’. Process goals are great because they help us to incrementally make progress towards larger goals.

I’ve found that what’s most beneficial is combining both of these. First we set an outcome goal (you may have already set these!), then break it down into a process goal.

You can then also supercharge your process goals by gamifying them. I currently have 17 things that I want to do every day or almost every day (this includes things like reading for 45 minutes, going for a run, spending time with my bub and wife, cleaning the house, getting into bed on time, etc, etc), but I know that 17 things a day is completely unrealistic. So instead, my goal for January is to try to get 10 points a day.

I check my spreadsheet a few times a day, see how many points I have, and how many I need to ‘win the day’ with 10 points.

I’m finding this is particularly helpful in the evenings after dinner. Before I find myself sucked down the YouTube vortex or some other similarly tempting distraction, I consult my points for the day and see if there’s anything I could or should be doing to help me to incrementally make progress towards those larger things that I want to achieve over the year.

So far, it’s been helping.

Could your outcome goals be broken down into process goals? What are some of the things you want to do every day to help you to become a better teacher, partner, parent, child, or just a healthier and happier person.

And if you’ve had any breakthroughs with your new year, I’d love to hear about them. Just hit reply!

Chat soon,


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